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「四方包 ∘ 厚多士」是本地近年少有探討的和諧社區概念,以探討不同人在公眾空間內怎樣融入同一個時空作主題,在其中渡時、互動及移動。 設計概念沿自簡單方塊,希望藉著簡單的變化,讓不同人士都可以在城市各處,以自己的方式享受鬧市中一片淨土。

SQUARE LOAF is an installation that captures a space of approximately 9x8m. In its basic scenario during weekdays, it would generate spaces for sitting, chatting, playing, and exercising. During the weekend combined with our community programs, the space would be used for cultural, artistic, social, and commercial activities such as arts & crafts workshops, calligraphy lessons, and weekend market stalls.

| Commercial
VNP Perspective
Diagram 1A Closed
Diagram 1B Opening
Diagram 1C Opening
Diagram 2A Exercise
Diagram 2E Performance
Diagram 2C Market
Diagram 2D Workshop
VNP top down



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