Sensory Garden

Design Competition for Transformation of Sensory Garden at Kwun Tong Promenade

Third Prize of Professional Group

Spill-it! takes the motif of a broken industrial pipeline that is spilling out bright orange, bubbling, addictive fun. This ‘fun spillage’ pours from the pipeline and meanders throughout the Sensory Garden, connecting the various zones and different functions. Each zone has its own character but combines into an inclusive park that can cater to every user demographic. 

Spillage Playground

A child’s dreamland of bubbling hills with tunnels, sections of elevated pipeline with slides, bouncy slopes that act as climbing walls, all constructed out of bright orange colored recycled thermoplastic elastomer.

Nature Walk

This section of the park is designed with universal accessibility in mind. It offers a playful and sensorial experience where users are immersed with autochthonous vegetation. An abundance of additional native trees, plants, and flowers will be integrated with the existing vegetation to create a dense and diverse ‘forest’ for people to enjoy. The pipeline has different types of openings that offer a visual and olfactory experience while the walkway immerses users into this ‘forest’.  Both have gentle ramp access suitable for unassisted wheelchair users.

Calm Zone

This section of the park that is situated close to the start of Kwun Tong Promenade offers flexible open spaces with tables and benches. Users can simply sit and relax or practice their favorite exercise routines but still enjoy the more dynamic parts of the park from a few steps away.

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